About us

From music to restoration of cultural heritage, an enriching journey ...

After musicology studies and a twenty-year journey in France, I discovered the painting on bone China in 2004. The practice of this art, combined with my taste for antics, encouraged me to learn ceramic restoration. Two parisian workshops opened their doors to me : Drouot’s from 2008 to 2010, to discover these fascinating job, and Sophie Muguet’s, to improve myself in 2011. Meanwhile , the assiduous frequentation of the Sèvres’s lectures allowed to me to acquire the knowledge base about ceramic works.

The company is created in June 2013 and welcomes its first clients in Rueil-Malmaison (Îe-de-France).

Holder of a diploma from Drouot formation since october 2018, I’m directed to the artmarket while pursuing my activity of restorer. The company evolves towards advice, brokerage and sale of ceramics for beginnings or advanced collectors.


Agnes de La Soudiere