« A thing of beauty is a joy for ever »
John Keats

Ceramic restoration

Ceramic restoration is still largely an unknown artistic handicraft, but it allows to bring back beauty into damaged objects, respecting their history and authencity.

In her workshop in Rueil-Malmaison, (Île-de-France), Agnès de La Soudière restores all your bone chinas, earthenwares, biscuits, terracotta, sandstones, plasters …

All objects can be restored, whatever their value or state : cracks, breaks, lacks, fading decorative designs … Items are often less damaged than most people think. Respect for the artwork requires as little intervention as possible, and to choose a simple conservation technique.

Other levels of more invasive restorations can also be envisaged.

Illusionnist restoration, the last degree of intervention, brings aesthetic integrity back to the item, but can be sightly visible on closer examination.

Collections and sales

The workshop offers objects for sale, according to the availability in the shop.

You can also contact us if you are looking for specific ceramics, according to your tastes or to develop your collections.

We can also provide you buyer advice if need be : advice about the value, state and type of restoration to be done, if necessary, and other expertises.